Sundays are for

worshiping with other believers, in spirit and in truth;

Sundays are for

food shopping for the week;

picking up pork after six years because it’s really not fair that just because you don’t like to eat it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make it for your husband;

coming home and pre-cooking all your veggies and cutting and marinading all your meat

so you have no excuse to be lazy or whine  say  “But I don’t FEEL like cooking.

Sundays are for

relaxing; watching football;

hallucinating, Did the Dolphins really score that many points?;

playing Apples to Apples

Sundays are for

ending with a movie,

Toy Story 3 to be exact.

Does every mother with a son cry the way I do at the end?

Every. Single. Time.

Sundays are for

remembering; that with a son turning 8 much too soon

my Sundays may only last but another decade

if he decides to see the world.


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