A new beginning.


My name is Elissa.

You will call me Lis.

I start many things that I rarely finish.

I like to say I am a visionary but I lack follow-through.

Blogging is one of those things I adore to do but have a lack of commitment with.

Kind of like it’s a it’s not you, it’s me kind of relationship.

For reasons, perhaps to be explored as we take this journey together.

Or not.

I figured I should start by explaining what happened to the Blogger  “A Life Well Done” for those who have followed along since December of 2010.

Well, it’s simple.  Google is evil.

Dare I say, the devil.

Just kidding. I’m a Christian and I don’t joke about the devil like that.

BUT, seriously.  I {on purpose} deleted a Gmail account I no longer used and {by accident} deleted the blog (and YouTube, Orkut, and Google Reader with a bounty of subscriptions) along with it.


I did not even sign in to any of those platforms with this Gmail and had no idea they were even connected to this email I deleted.

And trying to get help from Google is like the part of Horton Hears a Who where he is searching for the flower with the speck of dust amid millions of like flowers.

It’s virtually impossible.

There are no direct contacts for help.  Only forums in which you can only hope someone will take mercy on you and try to help.  And their help is lackluster at best being that they pretty much follow a standard template of ways you can go about restoring deleted accounts and such.

And if THAT doesn’t work–well, forget it.

I practically needed to give in a DNA sample to try to authenticate my email (which by the way was an AOL email–so how in the hoo-ha am I supposed to get it restored by Google!?) and…

Well, long story short–I never got anywhere.  Although I’m not a quitter and I’m still trying until I finally get an answer of some sort.

This all happened back in July.  Honestly, as silly as it may seem, I was devastated.  Devastated because it took me months upon months to finally decide to start a blog (after years of hiatus), which I finally did in December of 2010.  Devastated because I had poured my heart and soul into various entries.  Devastated because blog posts I had won a prize with and was linked to from one of my favorite websites when I was a guest blogger were gone.  Devastated because in May of 2011 when a friend/former co-worker/Goob’s teacher passed away it finally dawned on me what my blogging–and more importantly, life–were meant to be about and inspired a name change–to A Life Well Done.  The raw emotions dealt with in those posts were gone.   It all felt lost and for nothing.

I could not just re-jump in because I seriously had to evaluate what the purpose really was.  Believing that God does all things, why did that mistake happen?

And that’s a topic I’ll explore tomorrow–the purpose of this blog.

For now, I say hello.  I say Happy New Year.

I say thanks for reading.  And for coming along this journey.

I hope you’ll stay for the ride.


4 thoughts on “A new beginning.

  1. Welcome back!

    Although I never said anything, your entries were indeed missed. Your insights, your sense of humor, your sensitivity and the attention to Important matters that others ignore or overlook, were all missed.

    I am glad you’re back. I dare say, we are all glad you’re back.

    Your frustration & disappointment are understandable. Nevertheless, try not to allow any of life’s red herrings to distract you.

    Your talent for writing is evident, as is your passion to live A Life Well Done.

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