It didn’t kill me.

I tend to write at the end of blog posts that I will continue a story the “next time”.  Except by the time “next time” comes, there is something else I’d rather write about.

So pardon me while I deviate from the little introduction I began yesterday to talk about today.

I’ll have to tell you all about my current job some other time.  Actually, no that’s a lie because I wouldn’t really blog about my job.  So all you need to know is I work in a dental office.  It’s actually really cool and I appreciate how much I am learning in this new field (for me, as I had only worked in regular medical offices before).

Anyways, today the doctors split the offices and I was going to be the lone receptionist at the location I work.  I cannot tell you how much I was freaking out leading up to today.  I know even with 2-3 receptionists how absolutely hectic it can sometimes feel–phones ringing, checking patients in, scheduling appointments, and everything else that can come up in the span of 90 seconds.  So, I was pretty nervous and I’d say over the past year I have suffered with some pretty bad anxiety and this was definitely something that set off an anxiety spell.

I expressed this to hubby and being the sound, grounded man that he is, he said,

Well, you’re not going to die.

Okay.  {LOL}

At first I said it felt like I would {ha!}, but within minutes all the anxiety lifted.  I went about my weekend not dwelling on the impending Monday havoc and by Sunday night I knew that come what may I would tackle whatever I needed to at work.

You see, I put a lot of pressure on myself.  A lot of pressure to show excellence.  But if I am one person, I can only do so much.  Sometimes, I just need to let go.

Anyways, today ended up being not bad at all for a variety of reasons.  Yes, at times it was busy but no matter how crazy it could have gotten–it would not have killed me.

And something else someone said at church yesterday–and this will be a HUGE stretch, but it immediately gave me comfort regarding today–is that even if I face something that would kill me…

Well, I get to go spend eternity with my Savior.


Like I said, HUGE stretch.  This job is certainly NOT as serious as what many face.

BUT, are you like me and sometimes put the weight of the world on your shoulders even for the simplest of things?   Do you make things seem like your world is ending when it really is something not serious at all in the grand scheme of things?

The good thing is, the lessons we learn today we can apply to the future.

I am going to try to remember that the next time I feel anxious about an event, a craft, a lesson I have to teach–

It is NOT going to kill me.


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