A sense of purpose.

So, where did I leave off?

Ah, yes. Google is evil and deleted my Blogger.

I knew I should have stuck with WordPress, as all the blog help sites suggest you do just that.  But I loved the ease and simplicity of Blogspot and plenty of really well-know blogs use the platform.  Couldn’t be that bad, right?

Well, let me not spend my time ranting about WordPress vs. Blogger.  The point is after self-evaluating and reflecting some, I had to re-think once again what I wanted to accomplish by blogging.

Because honestly, you should not just do something just to do it.

But, I really do not have a specific answer.

Years ago, when blogs came to be it was a bandwagon I just had to jump on.  I saw how quickly people could rise to “internet fame” with thousands of followers.  It was enticing

And then years after that when “mommy bloggers” became a booming business, it once again became enticing.

That has always been the back and forth with my purpose that I really cannot solidify an answer to–

Do I want to make this something I could potentially earn some extra income with?  More importantly, is this something I would want to turn into a ministry of sorts?  A way to become a professional writer?  Is it to document daily life as a type of virtual scrapbook to keep my family up to tabs with our lives or to leave as a memory book  for future generations?

I am still finding my purpose.

What I do know is that for whatever reason I ultimately come up with to continue this, writing is a passion.  Some have said I’m good at it.  I did, not saying this with pride, certainly have a knack for it especially in high school and college.

I also want to encourage others and let them know it is important to share your story.

I saw a great quote on Twitter:

I can only write what I know. Not what you know. That’s why what we both write matters.

That’s the key.  Sometimes I think I don’t have much of a story compared to others.  Most of the time I know that even the story I do have, I’m not ready to share.  But all the bits and pieces–good, bad–may help someone else.  And so, it all matters.  No matter how small this blog may be and that there may be only a handful of people that are currently reading it or ever will.

(Oh, puh-lease tell me I have at LEAST a handful. :))

Even as I look upon a world wide web with millions of other like minds trying to make a way in this world through a blog, I know I can carve out my own little space.

In closing, in all I do, I want to glorify Christ.  If what I do write points you toward the cross, that will be the best purpose of all.

(Though I do hope to make you laugh as well!)

Here’s to finding purpose.


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