Well, not a good start to the year blog-wise.

I actually have been busy.  I remember sometimes having extremely hectic weeks last year when I was not working at all and not knowing how I could have handled a job as well.  Well, obviously I would have not been able to do the things I did, but still there are people who manage (maybe not well) to handle both jobs and an active outside life.  I applaud them.

Now, this year I am only working two days again and you’d be surprised at how little time I have.  I am grateful to be kept busy, that’s for sure.

But the lack of putting words to screen, if you will, has been the need to step back and be in prayer.  I was overwhelmed at the start of this year and the first few weeks in of those who were going through struggles I cannot even imagine.  I have witnessed those awaiting possibly scary medical news, to watching a loved one pass from this side of eternity to the next, and those who actually have passed.  Grief has encapsulated me.

To ease back in, I want to share a couple of these with you.  At this point of my blog, I only feel comfortable in sharing things that have already been shared by family members themselves in social media outlets.  There are so many more things I have prayed for and am continuing to pray for.  If you have anything to add, please let me know.

For now, please consider in joining me in prayer for these specific requests below.

1. My best friend’s mother has been battling breast cancer, and other ailments, for almost two years now.  Her story stretches far deeper than I can adequately put into words here.  In short, she lost her father in a tragic accident just a few years ago and six months after that, her father-in-law as well.  It is an understatement to say they this family–especially her two young children–have experienced the very worst pain we feel on this side of heaven.

Her mother’s story is shared here:

{You will need to enter an email address to read.}

It is worth the read to share in her story and begin to pray for her right now.  We believe and trust in God for a miracle only He can provide; yet what is so hard is to know that life is full of realities that have to be addressed and taken care of in the midst of that hope.

2. I did not know this person personally, but I know I would have loved her.  She is a young wife and mother who began experiencing headaches, vertigo, and other symptoms.  A visit to the doctor revealed a brain tumor which claimed her life just a few short weeks later.

Her blog, notably her very last entry, takes my breath away:

Please pray for her husband and her two small children.  This is truly a case where we can only hold on to the promise that God will give them the peace that surpasses all understanding.

Once again, there are many more things that have been heavy on my heart–personally, family-related, those in my church, and even what I see on the news.  I am grateful God gave me perspective to start my year in prayer instead of taking that time to blog.

Grateful for any and all of you that read these small words.

Be blessed today.


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