Saturday mornings.

We actually don’t get a lot of Saturday mornings like this.

There is usually an event/activity/party to run to or simply the dreaded household chores or errands that cannot be completed any other day.

Due to circumstances I’ll blog about next week, we ended up slumbering at my mom’s house last night.

Which means that we have my daddy’s MacBook to play with.  I mean, seriously, who DOESN’T like Photo Booth?


I love moments like this.

Where is the midst of chaos, confusion, and uncertainty that life can bring–simple respites are offered where laughter abounds in a not oft-used guest room of a house filled with 43+ years of memories; almost 32 of those being my own.

I love you Bancito and Goob.  You are my moments of quiet joy; my breaths of fresh air.

Saturday morning. from Lis C on Vimeo.


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