The background.

This is just the background to two more important posts coming up this week.

Fridays are cleaning days ’round these parts.

Working two days a week and being committed to church/school activities the majority of two other days leaves Friday as the day for the dreaded official home cleaning and, the bane of my existence, laundry.

As a side note, my family only has three people. Three. How do I have six loads of laundry to do weekly!?


I cleaned up all morning and actually did not start the laundry first thing after dropping Goob from school because I ran out of detergent. I make my own soap now, but feeling lazy I decided to run out to grab one from the market. Except it was POURING on and off. So that got put on the back burner. (You’ll see why this was such a good thing soon.)

So there I was ready to attack our bathtub in the early afternoon as the last official task. Which, sad to say, really needed to be attacked. I really don’t understand how that much dirt comes off our bodies to make the kind of mess that accumulates in the tub. Anyways again, I spray the entire tub with cleaner, strip down {Sorry! TMI!}, and get in to scrub away.

Let me note here before you mention it that I do realize getting cleaning product all over my skin is probably not the best idea. What can I say? I live on the edge when it comes to cleaning.

I turn on the water.

For a split second, I thought, Wow did I really scrub that much dirt?

And then I quickly realized brown water was gushing out of the faucet.

So there I was; covered in Scrubbing Bubbles and debating the safety of rinsing one disgusting substance with another.

Alas, I stepped out, grabbed some papers towels and wiped myself off.

I checked all the other faucets and just as much brown gunk was coming out.


The water pictured above wasn’t even at the worst. That’s just when I thought to take a picture.

I call the maintenance office and they knew immediately what block I was calling from and stated work had been done on the boiler; to just give it 1/2 hour and then run the water for a little while.

Sidenote: Shouldn’t they warn people about that?

Half-hour comes and go and the water being no better, I’m forced to go and pick up little man from school. We run a few errands; come back home and the water is still just as bad. I need to teach later at our church and I desperately need a shower. I ran the water as long as I could before ultimately deciding to head quickly to my mom’s to shower. Upon calling maintenance, they seemed surprised the problem still existed and said they would have someone check it out. I couldn’t wait on them though, so off we went.

We came home and the water was getting better, but still a light tea color and with particles in it. We decided to head to my parent’s house to sleep as I noted in the previous entry in case the situation wasn’t rectified by the next morning. By Saturday, husby went to check everything out and all was back to normal.

Since this entry is long enough, I will have to leave the actual point of it to the next post.

I will tell you though that I have since learned my lesson about covering myself in Scrubbing Bubbles before checking to make sure I have water to rinse myself off.


5 thoughts on “The background.

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  2. The laundry comment cracks me up- I have to tell you, I never get caught up on it. Ever. I’ve decided to call it the “laundry mountain” and I let the boys climb on it. Our own indoor playground! How lucky are they?!? (I keep telling myself and the guys this to assuage any possible guilt)

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