Busy Little Bee.

I may have been high on birthday cake when I last updated, because there is no other explanation as to why I would possibly think I would have “extra” time this week to spend on typing out blog posts.

This has been the first school year that I’ve had to work during Goob’s vacations.  It is harder than I thought.  Nonetheless, we are very blessed that hubby is able to take off time from work and so he did to spend time with Goob.  And the truth is, though it hurts my heart to admit, Goob way prefers Daddy anyway.  So although it has been weird to work when hubby and son are off, I try hard to remember to be grateful that I do have work when so many people are looking (and I myself looked for over a year and finally found something that fit what we were looking for) amongst other things.

So, yeah–between not only working this week but working extra and all the plans hubby made for us, I have barely been home.  And when I have been home, I am tidying up the house or doing some other project.  I am excited to do a birthday week recap next!

I am in a season of transition yet again in my life.  It is a blessing and an awesome thing.  Unfortunately, I cannot share too much; at least, not right now.  But I am very excited of how God has worked everything out.

I hope you are doing well!  I am grateful that the weekend is finally here!  {But NOT looking forward to the back to school routine next week!}


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