I think Ivan says this a lot, and I know I have heard it elsewhere too.  How sometimes we go through certain things so we can understand the plight of others.

Like when I have sprained an ankle or bruised a hand and can barely do anything, but I know it is only temporary and someone out in the world lives with a disability far worse daily for all their life.  Or when we’re sick, or have a bad week with money, and so forth and realize how it must be like for someone who will have to live with that forever (on earth).

This past week, a real burden has been put on my heart for single parents.  Please do not think I am in any way comparing myself to one.  Currently I am working two jobs (which feels really weird to write) and so, after being home for a year-and-a-half where I had too much time on my hands, I am out of the house Monday through Friday.  We often have activities after school and even if we don’t there’s homework to be done, dinner to be made (which I have been a complete #FAIL with), and a running to do list that I think I may be finished with five years after I’m dead.  Things I could easily accomplish in the past in the few hours Goob was in school, now have to be done in the few sporadic intervals of time I can grasp at throughout the week.  Laundry never ends, dishes always need to be washed, etc. etc.

And the thing is I have a husband who helps me greatly.  Plus, I am only have one child who is very self-sufficient and it still feels like it’s never-ending.  So my heart truly felt great sadness for anyone who has to do these kinds of things daily on their own.  I can’t imagine it.

I have always understood but now truly feel agreement emotionally (? can’t think of the right way to explain it) why God instituted marriage the way He did.  Especially when it comes to child-rearing.  No one was meant to do parenting alone.

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks here as we adjust to a new normal.  In May though, I’ll cut out one job and that will help tremendously.  But in addition to truly being in prayer for single parents, I have thanked God for allowing me to feel this way so I could step out of my woe is me attitude and be grateful that I have a partner to support me through it.

I am glad to serve a God that allows us to experience things to give us a better understanding on how to intercede on the behalf of others.

Single parents, I salute you.


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