Great Writers Practice

I was laying on my son’s bedroom floor after a long–albeit–fun day.  I was close to the conclusion that it would be okay to skip today’s challenge in order to fulfill my intense desires to put head to pillow.

And that’s how you know when something is working.  Your even more intense desires override all other notions of lethargy and you hop on a computer to get done what needs to get done.

And so it was fitting that in today’s 15 Habits post, Jeff wrote:

Real writers practice. They show up, every day, without excuse or complaint (okay maybe some complaint).

Today’s challenge was to “find a way to practice in public.”

Some time ago I was a guest blogger over at (in)courage.  I haven’t tried to submit anything anywhere else again, beating myself up over the fact that I fell off the blogging wagon and did not have anything worthwhile to share.

But there has been a post brewing in my head for the past two months that I knew I would attempt to submit to a few sites if I actually got to writing it.

And so there is the challenge accepted in a nutshell.  Commit to writing that post and submit away.

Until you do that, you’re just practicing in private. Playing around. Kidding yourself. Don’t do that. It’s time to put your work out there — not because you’ll succeed. Quite the opposite, in fact. You’ll probably fail. And in the failure you can learn.

So do it. Now. Today. Fail fast, and then tell us what you learned. This will be messy, no question about it. That’s okay. Because practice doesn’t make perfect; practice makes habits.

-Jeff Goins

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