What’s in a name?

Though I’ve pulled back quite a bit, in the years of having a Facebook and Twitter, I’ve posted quite a number of articles and other fun stuff to share with others.  Problem is that it is hard to go back and find something I’ve posted that I may want to refer to again (Unless I favorite it on Twitter.  But even that list can get massive.)  I use Delicious to bookmark websites for my reference and even used an old online journal for this purpose.  One thing I learned from Jeff Goins though is to use other people’s work for my inspiration.  I do that a lot…in my mind.  I’ll read a blog post and immediately have my own thoughts to add to it from my experience.  Ah, one day I’ll get into a good blogging ritual.

For now, just sharing something cute my BFFFL sent me a long time ago.  I’ve had it saved to email, but I have to share it with the WWW.  But I’m anal about keeping my email empty.  Giving folder options for someone like me is really a waste of time.  I am a organization freak who must purge every area of my life.  What can I say? 🙂

What’s up! atorres@sent you a definition with this comment:

Soooo true!


A sultry and exotic looking woman who knows what she wants and how to get it. An Elissa is a rare kind of woman who is widely known for her great personality and warmheartedness. She is an exceptionally goodnatured person who has an unparalleled ability to light up anyone’s life. Elissas are also known for their unsurpassing cooking skills…and dance skills. A person you won’t ever forget. If you happen to meet an Elissa, consider yourself extremely lucky.

Wow, that woman is incredible…she must be an Elissa.


I love it!


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