August Blues.

I definitely wouldn’t say I suffer from seasonal affective disorder, but I certainly don’t like the winter, cold months, and never thought I’d stay a resident of New York.

I’m a sunshine and heat girl all the way.  I long for Memorial Day weekend to come, so my body can feel the cool crisp pool water on my skin.  I love sunshine peeking through my blinds when I awaken and the longevity of the days.  I miss it when it all but ends way too soon.

And I’m sure a lot of my love for summer comes in the fact that I have been blessed to have had all of them–up until this summer–free and clear to do as I pleased; lounging around the house with my favorite little boy.  Late nights and later mornings are what our summers are all about.

Goob finished school even a week earlier than he normally does and so looking forward from mid-June, a vast summer awaited us.  July feels like potential.  So much to do and so much time to do it.

But then comes August.  Ugh, dreaded August.  Even my boy feels it in his bones! On August 1, he proclaimed–“I don’t want it to be August!  I want it to stay July forever so I never have to think about school!”


August becomes about deadlines.  And whereas July was about potential and counting up (if that makes sense?), August feels like counting down.  So many places to go and people to see that we have not yet crossed off our list and how do we fit all that in plus vacation plus getting ready for back to school.  Since I am working part-time it isn’t as easy as it once was.  But there’s that pressure.  To make every second count.  To make every single dollar we paid for our pool club membership count, ha.  To make every single dream Goob had for the summer happen.

But the time flies.  And once my perpetual calendar flips to the beginning of August, dare I say I get a little weepy.  For time is flying way too quickly for my liking.  For in another few weeks I’ll have a little boy in third grade who won’t be so little any more.  For the summers in which he still loves to be by my side and preferences playing with me over new friends at the pool are going to fade.  And the 100+ days I’ve had with my sidekick by my side are gone as for hours at a time he is away.  It makes my heart sad.  It makes me sad.

Yes, you’d think the dawn of a new year or even birthdays would make me think of passing time.  But no, it’s August.

And I’ve got the August blues.