I have various places on the web where I save things I would like to keep for reference, notably:

  • Pinterest
    {Where in addition to “re-pinning,” I save blog posts or other articles with a picture I like}
  • Delicious
    {Where I am able to categorize the subject of an article/blog post, so I can easily search for something when I need it.  Also for things not necessarily “Pinterest” or “Share to Facebook” worthy.}

But sometimes my desire to “save” something for reference also includes wanting to make sure others see it.  I love this post by one of my dear friends, and I hope you will do.  It is a great reminder written in a simple way.

Funny, how the simplest things can have the most profound impact, huh?

It seems at times the very way I should set my gaze is the very place I don’t look. 
The very One I don’t look to. 
The innate tendency to look for the answers, meanwhile HE is the answer. 
I look at my circumstances when He is 
The One who sits above them. 
The One who has the power to change them. 
The One whose Name is above it all. 
I look at my surroundings and try to figure out a way to change things forgetting that my heart is changed when I look to Him. 
So, I look up. 
To the One whose thoughts 
are higher than I could ever see. 
To the One who is 
intimately acquainted with me. 
To the One Who loves unconditionally. 
I look up. 
To Jesus. 
I look up.

{Originally posted by Jennifer Roth.}

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