Winter Organization Tip

The thing about the internet is you are never the first to think up an idea.

Or so it seems.

I promise, though I cannot make you believe, that I thought of this idea on my own. I will admit I was inspired by other types of organization using this nifty “tool.”

What is it?

An over-the-door shoe holder.

Apparently using a shoe holder for shoes is so 2000-and-late.  I’ve seen it used for everything from cleaning supplies to arts and crafts items to make it easy for little hands to see.

Well, every winter I’d lug out our (husband’s, son’s, and my) hats, scarves, and gloves.  I’d sort them into a nice three drawer storage.  But what would happen?  Well, one of two things.  Either you’d never get to one that was on the bottom because human tendency is just to grab the first, easiest thing.  So whatever was on top got used, meaning you used the same things over and over again when you might have a bunch of pretty stuff!  OR if you were looking for something in particular, you’d have to go digging around and everything that was once neatly folded, was all a mess.

Not fun.

So I thought, why not put these items in the over-the-door shoe holder?  I’d place it on a coat closet door {duh} and it’d be easy peasy to see it out nicely organized in front of you eyes, grab the items you needed, along with your jacket.

Seriously, this is the is the second winter using it and it has revolutionized organizing my winter essentials.  Once it’s time to do the big clothing switch in the  spring, I just roll this up and stick it in the attic for next year.  (Of course, I could take everything out and use the organizer for something else, but nothing has come up yet that I would need to use it for.)

Unfortunately, being organized is one thing but it hasn’t really been useful in that NYC must be having the warmest winter to date, so we haven’t had much use out of these items the past couple of winters.

But I am confident that once bad weather does hit, we’ll be ready!

Happy organizing!

Organizing your hats, scarves, and gloves utilizing an over-the-door shoe holder!

Organizing your hats, scarves, and gloves utilizing an over-the-door shoe holder!

Winter Organization up close!

Easy for little hands to grab! Each family member can have their own row. No more digging around in a drawers or wondering where your items are. Come home, and put them right in their slot!

P.S.  I’ve done the work for you.  Here’s a link to other ideas utilizing an over-the-door shoe holder!


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