When it all began.

Today starts the countdown to my baby boy’s 9th birthday.

And putting the word baby in the same sentence as the number 9 isn’t quite right, and yet that’s what he will always be to me.

{Every mama feels the same, right?}

To say that Christofer was a shock is an understatement. But he was the best surprise and gift I could have ever asked for.


Because he led me to Christ.

Now, don’t put me in the crazy house just yet. I’m sure you wondering what I mean.

It’s hard to know how to sum up the first 365 days with my newborn. And of the thousands of photos, how do I accurately explain to you what he was like back then?

But out of all the memories and all the photographs, that’s what I would want you to know about a baby named Christofer; many things I’ve not said before.

That when I found out I was going to have him, I knew that I had to change. Take care of my body; stop swearing {like instantaneously!}, I just wanted to be better. And through that period of changing, a heart of stone was becoming a heart of flesh, one that would be receptive to even greater life-changing news. Whether it was months before or months after his birth, what’s clear is God saved me. And all I know is that He used my little Tofer as the vessel in which to do it. Forever I will be grateful to that little 7 pounds, 3 ounces of pure bliss.

So about Christofer from birth to age 1…

Well, from the start he was an alert little thing.

AlertI like how he could give a side-eye almost immediately.

And he really was cute!

Baby BoyBaby BoyBaby BoyBaby Boy

I was blessed to get to stay home with him.

1 to 2 months (18)1 to 2 months (19)1 to 2 months (21)

And his big grey-then-brown eyes and dimples made all my days worthwhile.

3 to 4 months (4)3 to 4 months (8)

We had many rough patches that first year, and I was really upset at all those parenting books that didn’t warn me. Oh, sure you expect sleepless nights and fussy babies. But no one told me my newborn would be admitted to the hospital three times {with countless ER visits thrown in for good measure}. Or that I would spend my first Mother’s Day in the PICU. No, no one warned me, but I’m glad those incidents happened. They made me stronger. They made me a fighter for my son.

We made counter-cultural choices and stuck by them: no circumcision, breast-fed only, co-slept (with blankets and pillows, oh my!), delayed vaccinations. We were a regular ole hippie family.

4 to 5 months (76)5 to 6 months (5) 5 to 6 months (6) 5 to 6 months (9) 5 to 6 months (17)

We even took our barely three-month-old to his first Mets game.

First Mets Game

And our 5-month-old to Fireworks night.

Go Mets

I wouldn’t change our experiences for the world.

We were SO happy when our once sickly little boy became a little chunk.

6 to 7 months (1) 6 to 7 months (2)

He brought endless smiles to our faces.

6 to 7 months (15) 6 to 7 months (32)Picture 006 Picture 015Zoo (38)

Every milestone was celebrated;

7 to 8 months (45)

every moment cherished.

9 to 10 months (27) 9 to 10 months (28)

We’d laugh at the odd things he would want to sleep with.

9 to 10 months (56)10 to 11 months (16)

And looked forward to the mornings when he would awake once again.

10 to 11 months (5)10 to 11 months (7)

Oh, he was a happy boy! And aside from the hospital visits, we had a sleep-through-the-night, go-everywhere-with-mom-and-dad, happy-as-can-be baby boy.

10 to 11 months (9)10 to 11 months (15)

We celebrated special days, eagerly anticipating the “first” experiences with our joy.

11 to 12 months (11)DSC02706 DSC02781Card

And monthly took pictures of our growing babe.

Christofer-Ball Christofer-Pooh Christofer-Surf

Yes, life the first year with a little baby named Christofer was overwhelming but oh, was it amazing!


3 thoughts on “When it all began.

  1. I looked through these pictures with such joy!!! I wanted to pinch, kiss, and facebook like every photo! He is a handsome little boy (young man!) but OMG he was such a cute baby! I can’t believe he’s going to be 9… God bless him ❤

    Also, I'm super happy to read about your "hippie" parenting… as a co-sleeping, exclusively breastfeeding mommy who didn't circumcise and is delaying vaccines, I'm glad to see I'm not alone!!!

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