Christofer was my little buddy. Attached, but not clingy, to my hip was an understatement.

He was my little work buddy, traveling with me to a part-time church job three times a week. Other than that, most days were spent at home relaxing, at the park or library, or helping out at some event or another. Inseparable. I would not have had it any other way.

1-24-05 (9)Party (19)Pooh

Tofer turns 1!

We enjoyed bath time in the sink.

Bath time!

And made our way into a crib.

Age 1 (8) Age 1 (10)

He remained amazingly cute.

Age 1 (16)

And nothing was more fun than dressing him like a little man.

Age 1 (26)

Oh, sure he was mischievous.

Age 1 (33) Age 1 (32) Age 1 (29)Age 1 (148) Age 1 (149) Age 1 (146) Age 1 (147)

But the dimples meant he never got in trouble. 😉

Age 1 (64)

We weren’t at all upset about having a late walker! {Really, who wants to chase a baby?} Still it was exciting when at 14-months, baby decided it was time to become a toddler.

Age 1 (83)

And our FAVORITE memory from this time period is when little man took the hamster ball…

Age 1 (98)

and flung it across the room.

Age 1 (96)


We had a hard time letting go of the bottle.

Age 1 (109)Age 1 (144)

And the bobo.

Age 1 (153)

And even though his speech therapist might disagree, I think he’s none the worse for it. 🙂

He wanted to do everything his daddy did.

Age 1 (166)

But snuggling with Mommy was still the best.

Age 1 (167)

We had our first haircut!

First haircut (2)

And don’t tell anyone, but we even put him in a few pageants.

Little Prince (7)

We continued to love on the Mets {even when they didn’t love us back}.

Fireworks Night 2005 (1)

But this year we were not a fan of Fireworks Night at all.

Fireworks Night 2005 (21)Fireworks Night 2005 (17)

No explanation needed.

Costume 2005

Christmas card posing pro!

For Family Card (3) For Family Card (19) For Family Card

And, finally, the highlight of age one was our first family trip to Disney World and Daytona Beach, Florida! It was also Tofer’s first plane ride!

DSC04411 DSC04466 DSC04510 DSC04550 DSC04562 DSC04572

On this trip, he learned to eat with a fork!


And on the way home threw his first real tantrum.

DSC04616{Did NOT want to be in the stroller!}

Ut-oh. What would happen when he turned TWO!?

Age 1 (114)My sweet boy; on the day he turned exactly 18 months.


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