They weren’t so terrible.

When we left off, Christofer was having his first real tantrum at around 20 months.  They were pretty sporadic though during the age of two, and I thought we were going to avoid those “terrible twos.”

I’ll start off with the not so good before we move on to adorable pictures.  We had been noticing for awhile that Tofer’s speech was not where it should be.  Though he showed promise with a few “mamas” before he turned a year, nothing more came from him.  He was smart as a whip and reaching every physical milestone, but he did not speak.  No intelligible words, no mimicking, no starting to put words together to form sentences.  No one was too concerned at this point, attributing to little man just being a “late talker.”

We also continued to deal with multiple emergency room visit for bronchiolitis.  During one such visit, a doctor finally diagnosed him with asthma so that we could get our own nebulizer machine and not having to come to the ER every time he could not breathe.

Okay, now on to what you really came here to see!

Christofer continued to crack us up.  For a period of time, every.single.morning he would get out of bed, remove the cushions from the couch, go to our shelf housing all of our CDs, and proceed to stack them along the back of the couch against the wall.  It was a very weird habit.

Chris - Age 2 (1)

We began letting his hair grow.

Chris - Age 2 (4)

Christofer was such a content toddler and now so many years later I can understand how personalities are formed from an early age.  He was never one for toys.  Staring out a window for a good period of time made him happy enough.

Chris - Age 2 (14)

We even had snow days in the house!

Snow 2006 (1) Snow 2006 (14) Snow 2006 (15) Snow 2006 (21) Snow 2006 (24) Snow 2006 (26) Snow 2006 (31) Snow 2006 (32)

Since we were still at home together, it was wonderful to never have to be on a schedule.  We did as we pleased and one of those things was falling asleep whenever and whereever.

Chris - Age 2 (36)

We enjoyed sleeping on the floor.

Chris - Age 2 (178)

A lot.

Chris - Age 2 (243)

And sleeping in general. 🙂

Chris - Age 2 (244)

One of Christofer’s favorite things to do during this year was put real keys in his “car.”

Chris - Age 2 (37) Chris - Age 2 (38)

And I am grateful that he was never a fussy baby in a real one.

Chris - Age 2 (47)

Without fail though, and I mean every car ride, he would take off his right shoe and sock.  Just the right one.  Weirdo!

Chris - Age 2 (49)

I remember getting annoyed if it was raining or if we were in a rush having to put those things back on, LOL.

Park days were still our favorite.

Chris - Age 2 (56) Chris - Age 2 (57) Chris - Age 2 (59) Chris - Age 2 (61) Chris - Age 2 (63) Chris - Age 2 (67)

We enrolled him in his first official class–a music one, where we quickly found out about his natural talent of keeping a beat to music and his love for drumming!

Chris - Age 2 (70)Chris - Age 2 (74)Chris - Age 2 (80)Chris - Age 2 (83)

We loved bathtime!

Chris - Age 2 (89)

And laughing.

Chris - Age 2 (94)

We did not like the vacuum cleaner…

Chris - Age 2 (102) Chris - Age 2 (104)

Unless we were riding on it.

Chris - Age 2 (120)

He continued with weird funny habits.

Chris - Age 2 (105)

And only one time did Mommy ever let him be a kid and do this:

Chris - Age 2 (108) Chris - Age 2 (110) Chris - Age 2 (113) Chris - Age 2 (116)

Yeah, Mommy preferred him nice and clean.

Chris - Age 2 (119)

Even though we LOVED the curls, by the time the summer came sweat would drip off his forehead during our park excursions.


Chris - Age 2 (125) Chris - Age 2 (126)

Bye bye curls!

Chris - Age 2 (135)

Chris - Age 2 (141)

Chris - Age 2 (144)Chris - Age 2 (146)Chris - Age 2 (220)Chris - Age 2 (226)Chris - Age 2 (150)Chris - Age 2 (151)Chris - Age 2 (152)

He started playing learning games on the computer like a big boy.

Chris - Age 2 (159)

And continued to fall in love with music.

Chris - Age 2 (166) Chris - Age 2 (167) Chris - Age 2 (168)


So Nana and Grandpa encouraged the habit!

DSC01479 DSC01482

We loved playing at Nana and Grandpa’s house!

Chris - Age 2 (186)Chris - Age 2 (195)

He continued to be Daddy’s little buddy.

Chris - Age 2 (249)

And much to Daddy’s dismay, loved wearing momma’s shoes.

Chris - Age 2 (275) Chris - Age 2 (281)

Christmas card photos at Nana & Grandpa’s house tradition:

DSC00027 DSC00033


This year we went to the Poconos for our summer vacay!

DSC00883 DSC00897 DSC00901 DSC00905 DSC00907 DSC00918 DSC00933 DSC00938

Yes, life was good with a little boy named Chris.

Chris - Age 2 (282) Chris - Age 2 (304) Chris - Age 2 (305)

{Fireworks Night}

DSC00775 DSC00778 DSC00783 DSC00789 DSC00793 DSC00797

Two was not terrible at all!


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