So, we avoided the terrible twos but the threes hit us with a vengeance.  For the most part, Christofer was a quiet and well-behaved child.  But, much like his mommy, he was hard-headed and wanted his way.  A lot of his frustration came from not being able to communicate verbally, that’s for sure.  And it’s understandable.  Nonetheless, it was a battle of wills many days.  Of a worn momma feeling like she was failing and alone.  {I know now I was not and am not.}

Before he reached 2-and-a-half, we began the process of getting him evaluated for a severe speech delay.  His pediatrician, a kind but very old-fashioned old man, did not think it was necessary and even I wasn’t that stressed but society has a way of pressuring you.  I knew he would age out of Early Intervention soon, and I would feel terrible if I missed the opportunity to get him the help he needed.  The process early on wasn’t so bad.  You meet with various people and he, of course, qualified as he was not saying anything.  His speech therapist was a gem {I still chat with her now and then even so many years later} and I thank her from the bottom of my heart for how patient and loving she was with him.

This {though my personal Facebook is private, this note has been left public though you must be logged into your own FB account to view it} technically should have gone in yesterday’s post, but he was closer to three anyway so it felt more appropriate in here.  It’s a good summary of everything we dealt with after he aged out of EI.  I don’t regret our experiences, but man was it hard!  I see now how God can use everything we go through as a learning experience to help people later on.  I have good insights into a speech delayed child.  I am grateful that I can sometimes help others because of it.

There were also major changes for us during this period.  The biggest being I went to work full-time and Christofer went to day care {an absolutely wonderful one; I cannot sing enough praises for the lady who took care of him for us–we still talk even today!} for ten months.  What a tough transition!  More emotionally than physically.  It was weird to not be together all day every day.  I missed him terribly, but at the time it was the best decision for our family.  And I believe with all my heart that being around other children, coupled with speech services, and then starting Pre-K later in the year helped propel Tofer into a full-fledged speaking world.

Yes, by the time he was a month into his first year in school, you would forget that Christofer was a delayed speaker!  It was quite unintelligible still as he was learning how to pronounce the words properly, but yet again we were blessed with someone who was SO patient with him and somehow, I don’t know how, understood him perfectly.  We are so grateful that God always put the right people into his life to help and encourage him.   No one was ever upset or frustrated and I’m glad I was convicted to work so that he would have those opportunities that I might not have been able to give him if I kept him home.

Onward to pictures!

Those eyes!

DSC01572 DSC01583 DSC01588

Continuing our tradition of sleeping on the floor.  And yes, that’s a bobo in his mouth.  Don’t judge.


Tables were also good for sleeping.  {So like his mommy!}



This vest was my mother’s in the 70s and then I started to wear it.  Then Tofer loved to put it on. 🙂


A harsh reality of life with Tofer.


Shaving with Daddy!


Toddler bed!

DSC01508 DSC01599

Which was not always used properly.


I worked as a teacher and was immensely grateful to still have over two months out of the year to just be home with my boy.

DSC01783 DSC01790

Still a daddy’s boy.


Still continuing with funny habits.

DSC01827 DSC01830


{Mother’s Day}Mom's Dia '07

Learning to use the potty gift!

Picture 357

Praying in Pre-K3


First school play! {He was shellshocked LOL.}


And you should be familiar with this tradition by now!

DSC00114 DSC00118 DSC00131 DSC00444

And finally, this year’s summer vacay was to the Dominican Republic!

DSC02244 DSC02248 DSC02261 DSC02266 DSC02303 DSC02333 DSC02337 DSC02403 DSC02409 DSC02438 DSC02443 DSC02444 DSC02471 DSC02483 DSC02554

See you tomorrow for age four!


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