Four and Five.

I had managed to work on the first four Countdown to 9! posts ahead of time, but the weekend business caught up with me and I missed posting Age 4.  This worked out well as I was debating what to do for ages four and fives (I’ve got 6 through 8 taken care of already) for a variety of reasons.

First, it was in the year 2008 that I fully began using Facebook.  In mid-2008 I was posting monthly pictures of little man and by 2009 posting all of our photos monthly as a way for our family in Brasil to be involved in our lives.  Second, it’s around this time that he looks pretty much how he looks now, just younger, and I want to be careful about posting too many pictures of him on the great world wide web.  He may not want that when he is older.  Finally, my laziness.  Always a factor.  You would think it was when he was a baby that we had the most pictures but somehow around 2008/2009 I took taking pictures to a whole new level, and to weed through the thousands upon thousands of photos from those year to put into a pretty little post for you–well, not going to happen this year at least.  I’m glad I did posts for his baby/toddler years and this gives me something to maybe work on next year to have the “complete” series.

All this to say, those of you who are probably reading this that care about little man from these ages, check out Facebook! 🙂  Those albums are always there for your perusal, though for those not on my personal Facebook I will add just a few. 🙂

Nonetheless, I figured I would at least continue with some highlights from these years.

Age 4

Christofer entered Pre-K in a new school as his momma found a new job.  He had a great year and it was so much fun to see him in various classes like art, music, and gym.  He was learning to write and read really well.  It was around this age that his interest in the Bible really began to peak.  He was constantly singing worship songs and “preaching” little sermons, LOL.

Here’s an example!

This year we went to Williamsburg, Virginia for our vacation and I am SO sad to realize that, I believe, we lost all of our pictures from it (something I just noticed this year as I went to look for a particular photo from that vacation).  It was our first vacation with my mom and dad too.  If I remember correctly, we left our camera at home and relied on using my mother’s.  Of course, all the photos ended up on her computer…which died some time ago.  Very sad and lesson learned!  Back up things immediately.

Age 5

This felt like such a big birthday!  A whole hand old.  It was hard for his momma.  It finally kicked in he was no longer a baby, a toddler, or a preschooler.  Just a full-fledged school-aged little boy.

DSC01641 DSC01654 DSC04526 DSC04256{First time he went to work with his daddy!}

The best event of this year was taking Christofer to my home country for the first time–Brasil!  It was absolutely amazing to get to introduce him {and his daddy} to my family for the first time.  2009 was chock-full of SO many “big” events–namely, the purchase of our first home!  It was super exciting to get to give him his own room and we had so much fun decorating and setting it up.

Age 5 has remained my favorite.  He was still my little boy who loved to cuddle, had a cute little baby voice still yet he was old enough to really appreciate the places we took him.  It was SO fun seeing life through his eyes!  Everything excited him.

I miss that year!


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