Vacation mode + a fun day.

Why does vacation time go so fast?

That’s a question my husband and I had to answer many times last week during our family’s annual summer trip.

Our 9-year-old is quickly figuring out that life flies by at a pace you’d rather it not.  I’m with him on feeling like my days–especially those lazy hazy crazy days of summer–are whizzing by.

We went away on our annual family vacation a couple of weeks ago now.  I found myself dwelling often during that week how I wished I could capture the essence of the vacation throughout the year.  I know it’s not possible to carry every single part of vacation out during regular life–I mean, who wouldn’t want someone to make their bed for them everyday and be able to eat out for every meal?  I get it; life doesn’t work that way.

The essence I’m referring to is the relaxed atmosphere and the ability to just.breathe.

It was nice to take my time in the shower and not rush through my normal two-minute shower like when I’m home.  Sure no one’s forcing me to take a 120 second shower but there’s a thousand other things I could be doing with that time and so, at home, I jump in and out.

And do you know I worked out every single day in the hotel’s gym?  Yup, without a mountain of laundry or a sink full of dishes to tend to, every morning after breakfast and every night upon returning from whatever activity I spent a decent chunk of time on the elliptical and treadmill.  {Mind you I did this to balance out all the food out we were eating.  I knew it wasn’t to lose weight, but–fingers crossed–not to gain any…and I didn’t!}

Everything just seems…chill.  And as we embarked on our way home, I started thinking–I mean, really thinking–how can I capture some of those good feelings you feel when you’re away from home into normal every day life.  The truth is it takes sacrifice and it takes prioritizing.  It’s good that I’m the kind of person who doesn’t want dishes in the sink, but you know what?  Sometimes there will just need to be if it means I can take a bath or read a chapter in a book for my own sanity.

I feel so much better when I get that chance to step away, collect myself, and just relax.  I guess that’s what makes vacations special and why life cannot be a lifelong one, but man does it feel good.

DSC06076Favorite pic from vacation 2013


I started writing this post this last Tuesday, but started in the wee hours of the night (so technically it was Wednesday) and couldn’t bring myself to finish.

I had wanted to share about the fun day Goob and I had on Tuesday and it seems silly to share about it so many days later, but I’m still going to go ahead and do it.  My dashboard is filled with half-finished drafts, and I don’t want my memories to become that.  Just half-finished.

A friend gave me a free adult ticket to The Cloisters exhibit that expired that Tuesday and since Tuesday is a day off for me and a day to do something fun with the boy, I figured why not?

There was a parade in the city featuring the starting players for the All-Star game that day as well, so it seemed like a fun activity to add to the day.

We departed early enough as we were taking the subway in.  I was proud of my non-city-girl-at-all-self looking up train schedules and maps to figure our way around.  We hopped onto our first train and arrived at Grand Central Terminal as Goob wanted to buy a few more trains from the MTA store for his collection.

The parade was making its way outside GCT, so it was the perfect place to set up to wait.  Goob wasn’t having the wait at all.  We got to see some cool players; we were right up on the security barrier so I was waiting for that up-close awesome shot of David Wright, but after an hour of standing little man couldn’t take it anymore.  We left and ate some lunch and continued our journey.

Now anyone who knows little man knows that trains are one of Goob’s many passions.  In fact, train conductor is still on his list of possible career paths.  So he was stoked to ride so many different ones that day.

Unfortunately, we got on a wrong train.  Again, the non-city-girl-at-all in me did not realize that other lettered trains could be traveling on a track of a different named train.  Refusing to exit and have to pay to get back in again to go down one stop, I convinced myself we could proceed moving forward using transfers to get to our ultimate destination.

Now this was one of those disgusting heatwave days that NYC had been experiencing so under ground waiting for trains was horrendous.  Sweat was just dripping down our bodies.  Looking at a subway map, I deduced that a particular train was close enough to the original train we were supposed to take and we went on our merry way.  Only when we got off the train, our hot disgusting and sweaty walk left us wandering Washington Heights with our destination no where in sight.  Not having a smartphone, I had no choice but to call the hubby and ask for help.

*Edited to come back and add that it was fun to meander through the streets of the Heights.  I told Goob it was like being in his daddy’s country for a little bit, hehe.  Music blared from every building; a hydrant was open on every corner.  Neighbors were out in full force and the food carts were amazing.  {Though I had no cash on me, boo!}  It was a fun experience to walk around and see life being lived in ways we are not used to in our quiet suburban-ish town.

Yup, we were no where near where we were supposed to be and too close to the close time of the museum to make it.  I had also anticipated exploring the amazing park that gets rave reviews online that The Cloisters sits in, but at that point we just needed to get home.

And so we did.  Made the long, hot trek home.

Even though the day didn’t go exactly as planned, I was happy that we tried to be adventurous and that I didn’t pick the easy way of going somewhere local.  Goob got some gifts and enjoyed himself on the 500 6? trains we took.  We sure got a lot of exercise and at least some good laughs.  Most importantly, we were together and that’s all I want our summers to be about–quality time that so often escapes us in the busyness of the school year.


Since coming home from vacation I’ve kinda-sorta tried to rest more into what it means to be on “vacation”.  {Not that a wife and momma can ever be.}  Laundry piled up; dishes stayed in the sink a couple of extra days and you know what?  No one died.  Including me.

What I need to do better at though is remembering that my rest doesn’t come from skipping some chores or laying around outside while my boys play ball.  It comes from resting in Christ.  I’ve slacked in reading my Word and when I really think about it, that is probably what causes all the frenzied feelings.  When I give Him my time, all of a sudden I have more of it.  Prioritizing becomes easier as does simply…living.

It’s good to go on vacations and be reminded of what’s it’s like to just rest.  But that enjoyment means nothing if my ultimate fulfillment isn’t found in the One I serve.

So here’s to capturing the essence of vacation even if it’s just once in a while.  But more than anything here’s to always finding my rest in Christ alone.


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