How to Organize Your T-Shirts in a Drawer

Let me start off this post by saying I believe I should write it as tee shirts, but I just can’t bring myself to do it.  Actually, a quick internet search just told me t-shirts is the way to go.  Phew.  Crisis averted.

Second, let me also address the fact that I could probably make this post two sentences and get the point across.  But I’m wordy, so that’s not going to happen.  We’re going to drag this baby out for all it’s worth.

Let’s begin!

Pinterest has been one of my best friends since its inception and you needed to have an invite code and wait weeks–weeks I tell ‘ya–to be accepted into that popular clique.

I have to say though I use it more as a visual and don’t actually click on any of the links I “re-pin” 98% of the time.  I’ll see something and store it in my internal memory bank and pull it out when the need arises.

Which is what happened when it was time to do our bi-annual clothing switch.  {Which is also the opportunity to evaluate how the spaces in our bedroom are working for my husband and me, move things around, and, of course, purge.}  It’s the time of the year I take everything out of our drawers and start fresh.  Nothing like neat drawers to maker me happy!

So I remembered seeing this idea on Pinterest and thinking, “Hey! I should try that.” Again, I never clicked on the link and went by memory.

So let me start of by saying that I only actually clicked through the link to the attached blog post because I sat down to write this post and thought I should see how I compared.  As I suspected, I’m not doing it the same way as in the various posts linked to in this “pin,” but I like my method and I’ll explain why later.

Okay, before I show pictures I’ll throw out the question–Why organize your t-shirts a certain way in a drawer?

I have found t-shirt drawers to be the ones that get disorganized the fastest.  Why?  Because you go looking for a particular shirt and have to comb through a whole stack to find the one you want.  It’s usually at the bottom of the pile and what do you do?  Pull it out causing the rest of the pile to kind of topple over.  Do this a couple of times and before you know it, your once neatly-ordered stacks are a big jumble of cotton mountain.

On the flip side, if you’re lazy a time saver like me, you’ll just grab whatever shirt is on top and never even touch the ones on the bottom.  Once laundry is done, you put the same shirts right back on top and they’ll remain your go-to shirts for everything.

It made so much sense to line the shirts back to back of one another instead of in piles (or as the blogs I linked to state, folding in horizontal rows as opposed to vertical ones).  The point is to be able to see the details of the front of the shirt, so let’s say you’re on your way to a NKOTB concert–you’ll be able to spot your Joey McIntyre shirt immediately.  Ahem.

Okay, on to pictures!


I used this cute shirt we gave my hubby one Father’s Day as a sample.


I put the design face down and fold in the shirt in half.



I fold just the sleeves in and then bring each half in to meet in the middle.




Then I use a rolling technique to complete the process starting from the bottom up…



and bam, that bad boy is ready to be plopped down into the drawer.


So here’s where the my technique deferred from the “pin” I posted, and the pros and cons of that.  The blogs that posted about this idea do a different folding technique which leaves the t-shirt completely flat and more square like.  You for sure will get more space this way, if that’s what’s needed, but I’m wondering how their rows hold  up once you pull some shirts out?  With my shirts being more “round” they hold up in their place even as we remove shirts and they remain pliable enough for me to keep “flattening” them if I need to fit in more shirts.  {But, hello, if your shirts are overflowing from your drawers, perhaps you have too many.}

Even with my rolling technique, I garnered a whole lot of extra space!  There’s only so much room vertically the drawer has, but horizontally you can really squeeze the shirts in and get more space than you would think you have.  If we add to the t-shirt collection, I’ll definitely try the more “flat” approach.  For now, I’m happy with how this turned out.  It’s making it super easy for hubby to take out shirts and for me to put them back in when laundry is done.

Finally, for the sake of honesty, I asked my hubby how he liked this system.  He did mention the shirts get a little more wrinkly (but not terribly) this way when he unrolls them as opposed to when I just use to fold and stack them.  Whoops.  In the winter the shirts go under another shirt; in the summer he can toss it in the dryer for a quick few seconds so problem solved.  This would be another point for perhaps doing the flat method, which I’ll give some serious thought to later this year when we do the clothing switch.

I’m also thinking I could just fold the shirt in that last step instead of rolling and see how that works.  I’ll try that when I have a chance and keep you updated.  Ah, well, organizing will always be hit or miss, but that’s the beauty of it.  It’s a learning process and you can accommodate what works and what doesn’t as you go!


I also go the extra step and color coordinate the shirts.  But that’s because I have issues.


So there you have it!  How I keep our t-shirts organized and their corresponding drawers in control.

On another note, I made–made–my husband purge some t-shirts when I did the clothing switch.  It was a little ridiculous the amount of shirts he has.  I insisted that at least any with holes or stains had to depart from my presence.  Most made their way into the attic, but that’s a start.

Do you find it hard to part with t-shirts for sentimental reasons?

Have you ever tried this method of folding t-shirts before or keep your t-shirts organized another way?  Do share!

Oh, and to show proof in the pudding…


always know where this shirt is. 😉

Until next time!,

Lis 🙂

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2 thoughts on “How to Organize Your T-Shirts in a Drawer

  1. Elissa, you are just hilarious! I love your opening two paragraphs, and I too have had the “t” or “tee” crisis! Ha! Oh, English teachers…

    I really like this idea; I am always having to look through a bunch to find the one I want!

    And NKOTB, ha! I remember watching them on the big screen at a local roller rink when I was in a MS roller skating club!!! 🙂

    • Danielle, thanks so much for reading and commenting!

      Yes, I am forever conflicted on certain grammar issues!

      Yup, it’s a time saver! Makes so much more sense to be able to see all your t-shirts at once!

      I used to live at my local rink! Hehe.

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