August Blues. {Again.}


I’m posting this a day early because I know tomorrow will be a busy day.

Just as well.  Hopefully it will keep me from noticing the day on the calendar.

Last year, we made it to August 1 before Goob noticed that summer was half over and school was just looming its ugly head with its beady little eyes around the corner.

This year, we made it to about July 5.

I really don’t think he remembers his comments about August and school and all that from last year, so I really had to laugh that these feelings seem to be integrated into his little fibers.

It’s a part of me he got that I wish he didn’t.  This inability to just focus and l.i.v.e. in the present without always thinking ahead and of what’s to come.

But I get you, little dude.  I stand by what I wrote last year that July is so full of potential and August feels like a rush to get everything that you still haven’t done…done.

I love, I mean lurve, having my little dude with me {practically} all the time.  I start to get a little nauseated when I think of him being away.

Okay, the schoolwork and uniform and getting up before 7 in the morning is the part that nauseated me.

But I do get sad.

I love how life is moving.  I love watching him grow and learn and become this awesome little human that I always knew he would be.

But sometimes, pretty much every August, I wish for a little bit it would slow down.  That July would stretch just a bit further.

For whatever reason, there’s just something about August that reminds me in just a few short weeks he’ll be another grade older, then another year older, and soon enough he’ll be one-foot-out-the-door-older.

So, yeah.  Sorry, August 1.  You’re not loved around these parts.

And we got the blues.

*Picture via {Pinterest}.


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