Behind the scenes of this blog, quite literally, I write posts in my head and snap pictures of the life I’m living.  Old tricks that have worked for years; new insights I’m gaining as information becomes more vastly available and discussions among friends spur life changes.

Yes, I document it all in the hopes that it will get written down here one day.  I feel the Lord pressing to commit to this more than I choose to.  I know that what I would want is to devote time and energy into writing.  Regardless if it leads anywhere, but simply to get better at doing so.  I know what I love; I know what drives me.  There’s nothing more that I would love for the carved out spaces in my day to be devoted to this craft.  But I’m not there yet.  And that’s okay.

The things that currently occupy the time I could write are not bad.  In fact they are very good.  I could push more, but I always feel content in the choices I make.  The Lord is releasing me from many things right now, and though what He is replacing them with may prove to be even harder I know that I am be molded and that the new(er) creation will find time to pursue hobbies and dreams.  I wouldn’t want to make a living off of this anyway, though I admire those that do, mainly because I cannot subscribe to what it takes and yet there’s that pull to see what’s out there.  But mainly, I want to share.  Share in a life that feels so frazzled, so often, and say, “Here’s what I do.  It may not be right or perfect but it’s what I offer and maybe it will help you.”

So now that that sob fest is over :)…

I’m going to push out some posts that accomplish a number of things.  I’ve been organizing (as in, when do I even stop?) and in purging some notebooks came across things I wrote down that were helpful to me.  Why keep them to myself?  These scraps of paper that have been sitting on an end table have been the bane of my existence, so I am committing to typing them out today.  I hope they prove helpful to you!


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